The harvest 2018

A very long harvest.

While our colleagues Champenois and Burgundians made exceptionally early lightning harvest in the south and Domaine des Chenes in particular, the harvest was particularly long.

Indeed, it started at the end of August (the 29th) with our different white wines, they ended on September 30th. A week later than usual.

The reason ? This is due mainly to the slow maturity of Grenache Noir in the Génégals area. Indeed, if the spring was particularly watered, the hot summer was very dry on stony sandstone of altitude, on the locality La Llausade. In these conditions the optimal maturity was long to take shape.

We had to be patient, wait and stop our harvesters who stamped the bucket at the feet. But it was worth it, these last vintages of Grenache and Mourvèdre are magnificent of aroma and of tannic finesse.

So what can we say about the quality of this vintage? In general, I do not pronounce before the end of fermentations, which were slow, too, like the maturation. They are now finished and I must say that the result is up to our expectations. In white, I will not speak yet about the aromas, most of which are still in the form of odorless precursors, impossible to detect. It will take at least six months to perceive their full power. On the other hand, on a palate, the balance between freshness and fat is successful. While some feared a lack of acidity because of the heat wave, in Vingrau on clay-limestone valley and circus, in the shade of cliffs, white Grenache, Macabeu and other Roussannes have kept a remarkable freshness that you will find Les Olivettes, Les Sorbiers and Les Magdaléniens.

But these grape harvests gave birth to two new vintages, which cut with the style of "guard" of our usual cuvées thanks to Marion.

First of all the elaboration of a red wine, supple and fresh, crunchy with fruit. A wine of "terrace", that can be enjoyed between friends.

And then, surprise: we made a Rosé ! Under your solicitations but unexpected for the Domaine des Chênes... It is a blend of Syrah and Grenache, harvested in boxes at dawn; crates directly poured into the press to avoid the extraction of color. His name ? "L'inatendu", it goes without saying. We can not wait to let you discover it, just like its brothers of the 2018 vintage who should not disappoint you. Patience…

- Alain