In the valley, the calcareous cliffs give birth to a very stony limestone terroir, which possesses two advantages. Its depth and water reserve ensure water supply to the vine during the long summer dry season. It is responsible for the freshness of our white wines. It also enables a good tannic synthesis which provides structure to the red wines and their great aptitude for ageing. The high quality of this terroir results from the large proportion of stones that originate from the cliffs after frost action. It is an ideal terroir for the Syrah, Mourvedre, Roussanne, Macabeu and Muscat.


Above the cliffs, around the Genegals sector, the vines are planted on sandstone hills that are very stony. These soils filter better and only varieties resistant to drought, like Grenache or Carignan, support these extreme conditions. Wines that come from this terroir possess a delicate aroma and a feminine structure.